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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Office Nonsense

So right now in my office, there is an argument about where files should be saved digitally. We have a massive drive accessible to everyone where you can set up a folder in your name and no one will touch it. Then do whatever you want, have your own system.

The receptionist wants to store files on a limited drive where there is no way of organizing anything and will be a pain every time we have to scan to save something. I think at this point she's arguing simply because she didn't think of the first system.


Honestly people are yelling about where to save files. In an office of 7 drama can escalate quickly and we're in a big room divided up only by some cubicles. There's no avoidance, so those of not involved are just trying to send email and hunch down to make sure there's no accidental eye-contact.

What is the inane thing that causes drama at your work?

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