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So my office has about 20 people that work in it, that come into work every day. The vast majority of us bring food and eat lunch here (three of my coworkers alone have their own mini fridges), and a lot eat breakfast too.

We current have the following, for everyone in the office:

7 coffee mugs
2 plastic bowls
1 ceramic bowl
3 small ceramic plates
3 large ceramic plates


And that is it. It is pretty ridiculous - people basically hoard them. Like if I get in early I grab a bowl for my oatmeal and then I keep it at my desk all day until I wash it for my late afternoon snack.

So today I asked our operations manager who is in charge of all the purchasing for the office if we could get some new plates and what not. They literally have not bought new or more plates since I started working here 5 years ago, and the company size has doubled, and things have broken/been lost (fine, you guys, I took a spoon home once, thats on me!)

She refused. She will not buy any more dishes until she feels like we are doing a better job washing the ones we have - not leaving them in our sink and running the dishwasher more often or if we do run the dishwasher, we don't rinse the dishes. She didn't share this policy with anyone, she's just being some kind of passive aggressive mom waiting for us to realize apparently that we don't get to have nice things unless we can treat them well? Essentially, me asking led into me getting like a 10 minute long diatribe about all the ways we don't clean up after ourselves.

Our kitchen isn't dirty - only thing that happens sometimes is the dishwasher doesn't get unloaded and a few dishes go in the sink until it does. Lots of people wash their own dishes (we have to because there are so few!). And I tried to explain to her that if we had more dishes, it would actually help keep things cleaner. Right now if you use a bowl, you don't put it in the dishwasher because even if it gets run once a day, you or someone else will need it before then. So you put it in the sink, where you will wash it when you need it or some else will. And no one ever runs the damn dishwasher because there are ONLY EVER FIVE DISHES TO PUT IN IT so it is never full. We also have cleaning people that come in every night and clean all the surfaces.


I mean.... this is crazy right? You can't like hold us all hostage and not give us basic things like, say... plates to eat off of because you're like super nanny-ing us? Or Christ, if you ARE at least tell people. We've been needing this stuff for forever and no one had any idea it was because we were being taught some kind of lesson.

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