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Office Rant - Order your own damn office supplies!!

I use a lot of office supplies for my job. I prepare and mail out a ton of reports so I have 3-ring binders of various sizes, dividers, CD-ROMs, etc. I keep extra on hand for upcoming reports, because sometimes there's not enough time to get them before my next project is due. When I run low, I ask the guy in the office who orders/purchases supplies to restock my cabinet (my supply cabinet is separate from the office's supply cabinet because people in my office will think they "need" things they don't if it's available, so my supplies are in a locked closet in my office rather than being mixed in with the rest).

Supply guy gladly restocks me when I need it, and he gladly orders or purchases supplies for other people when they need them and they aren't available. Supply guy is very cool. I like supply guy. Every now and then supply guy will come to me and say "I need two of X for Y and I don't have time to go today to get them. Can I borrow from you and replace next week?" I'm cool with that. Supply guy and I have a good work relationship built on trust and mutual back scratching. Supply guy can borrow supplies from me as need. Assuming, of course, that supply guy continues to keep my supply-based trust. If he wasn't married, supply guy and I would have a torrid work-romance (or most likely, not).

So it really pisses me off that other people keep coming to me and telling me that they need my supplies. I only had to learn my lesson on this once. One of the guys asked me if he could have a binder. And I was trying to be nice, so I said sure. I gave him the key to my cabinet and told him to bring it back to me when he grabbed the binder he needed. The next time I went in to finish up a project, I realized that he hadn't taken one binder, he had taken a pack of 12. And left me with none. This does not make MaryTylerGore happy.


Do I look like our office's supply person? I'm not! And if they keep taking my supplies, then I don't have them when I need them! Now, I always ask them "Did supply guy not have any?" and it's always "oh, I didn't even ask, I just know you keep them." Yeah, I keep them. For MY projects. So go F***ING ASK SUPPLY GUY FOR YOUR DAMN SUPPLIES!

Is that really so hard to understand?!

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