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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Office Stories

So I might be turning into an office crazy but...

My co-worker has this plant their growing from seed. The plant grew a little, has a few leaves. But for the past week it has gotten a bug infestation. Little wee green mites. They tried a soap spray and didn’t work, then vinegar but the plant is still covered in these bugs. It’s worse in fact. So here’s the kicker after dithering over taking it home (just toss it weirdo) they decide to give it one more shot of vinegar. Coworker just set it on the floor next to another person’s cubicle (not their own cubicle) and spritzed it! Now it smells like vinegar. WTF? The kitchen is literally three steps away. And why not your own cubicle? And the floor? I really need a non-office job at this point in my life. I think I’m losing it.


Omg. This coworker. We bought hand weights to do little exercises with and coworker insists on strapping the weights to their ankles (which coworker didn’t even pitch in for or even ask to use). My pal told coworker not use the weights for ankles and coworker uses them everyday out of spite. Coworker also stares at the person they wish to converse with as if waiting for an invitation. I have another one in the office that will literally stand at your desk and wait to be acknowledged - but I’ll save that one for some other time.

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