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Official Groupthink NFL Picks Week 10, Spooooooooooky edition

No intro this week.

Cincinnati Vicious Killer Bengals vs. Miami Blackfish

Kansas City Chief Scalp-a-lots vs. Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs

Tennessee Titans, Specifically Saturn Devouring his Children vs. St. Louis Ram of the Devil


New Orleans All Saints Eve (have you read any saints' lives? Most of them are pretty good Halloween gore.) vs. New York Jets of Flame

San Diego Charge-of-the-Light-Brigade Zombies vs. Washington Bad Guy Indians, which you have to have in any movie with Good Guy Indians.

Minnesota Vikings (who are already scary) vs. Dallas Ghost Riders in the Sky

Atlanta Falcons, specifically David from The Gunslinger, the original one and not the George Lucased edition vs. Carolina Panther Attacks


Tampa Bay MRSA-Infected Buccaneers vs. Seattle Spooky and/or Sexy Seahawks

Philadelphia It's-been-a-long-day-and-I-hate-the-fucking-Eagles vs. Oakland Raiders Fans


Pittsburgh Steel Monopolists vs. New England PATRIOT Acts

Baltimore Ray Lewises vs. Cleveland Brown-Stain-on-Your-Pants-Scary

Indianapolis Cults of Cthulhu vs. Houston Ted Cruzes

Chicago Bears! Oh My! vs. Green Bay Longpork Packers


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