You ever have one of those days where you're I hope i'm not the only one, cuz i'm sooo spacey today. I have ADHD with a bonus learning disability, and sometimes my brain just refuses to function for undetermined reasons. What's a bummer is that it started off so promisingly. I woke up early, read the morning news on my phone, woke up mrchien and felt kinda alert and then it went downhill.

I peed on a stick and confirmed that my period was late due to PCOS and not due to happy activities. On the bright side i can still drink, on the down side i probably need to get more serious about losing weight, oh and i should call my doctors. Oh and one other good thing, i don't have to worry about any possible damage i might have done with all my Class C meds i need to function.

Anyways, after that i went to back to bed to get a few more cuddles and well, next thing i know its 12:30 pst. And there's a bunch of red notifications on GT, i'm starving and my brain is just spinning its wheels. I have french to do, emails to return, and a few other things to do... instead i'm on GT, avoiding the serious posts and instead looking for the more light ones, ignoring some comments i just don't have the brain power for...sigh... Oh and did i mention that i just ate way too many ranch doritos for 'breakfast' and some diet soda, cuz caffeine. I know, i know, i should eat healthier and go to the gym...but... i don't wanna.

My other less than bright idea was to spray on that new skin stuff on my heels cuz shoes hate my feet. That did wake me up, but OW!!

Anyone else having an off day? Or do you have a favorite off day activity/ies?