Unfortunately guests, like fish, really do smell after three days.

All I want is to play with my cat, go to CVS and buy discount chocolate, sit by myself watching Big Lebowski and gorging in the basement. Instead I am hosting Manlover's family, who are massively introverted and spend most of their time at home. Conversation with them is like pulling teeth, except the teeth are impacted, and other teeth are in the way, and then when you get to the teeth you want to pull they've broken into a bunch of pieces.

I actually like them! They are sweet! But they don't really play board games or cards, they don't have a lot to talk about, and things are just getting more and more dull.

Manlover isn't even here, he's gone up to the middle of nowhere where his family lives to try to plow their insanely long driveway because his sister has disabilities and his father just had surgery and they can't even get at the house until he plows. Since the plow truck they own breaks every time it snows, he is currently digging it out of a snowbank.

Ok, I had to vent by writing that out. I am going to go and try to be a better hostess, now. It is not that bad. They are leaving tomorrow morning, hopefully.