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Oh boy! New Grand Theft Auto! (Sarcasm inside)

Yay! I'm just so excited to see that my roommate bought the new GTA instead of groceries today. He PROMISED he'd buy food this time, saying it was his turn. And came home today with three Snapples and this god-forsaken game. Thank the baby Jesus that I now get to sit in the living room and listen to dying prostitutes and machine guns. Nothing like listening to a computer animated woman beg for her life and then watch her head get blown off.

I'm usually okay with video games, I promise! But for some reason...no for LOTS of reasons, this game pisses me off. Racial stereotypes, previously mentioned prostitutes and guns and ALL the violent deaths. Because this shit is more important than food. Someone explain how that decision makes any damn sense? Now I'm angry and hungry. Kind of want to take the money earmarked for gas and go buy myself food. Probably a bad idea, but I didn't make or plan a dinner for tonight because he was supposed to bring it home.


I feel like GT on a whole is angry and ranty today, I'm sorry for adding to it!

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