Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Oh Boy, oh boy, OH BOY!

I have succumb to my F.O.M.O. and I ordered the Game of Thrones book set on Amazon. I had checked out purchasing the series once before but the set was pretty pricey. Right now they have the set for < $30, with Amazon Prime, so no shipping added!

I was tired of skipping over all of the GoT posts to avoid any spoilers. I knew I wanted to either read the books or watch the show and since the mister will never agree to an HBO subscription, I decided to recheck the book prices today and hooray, hooray the set was reasonably priced. I think they must have dropped in price because a) they are a mass production, which means lesser quality paper/printing and b) the new season just started so people are more interested in the show than the books.


So if any of you are in my shoes and wanting to hop on the GoT train but can't or won't get HBO check out Amazon for the books.

PS They arrive Thursday, just in time for weekend binge reading, yea!

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