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Oh, Canada: The CBC Wanted to Dub Over the 9th Doctor's Voice

Apparently Blogtor Who got an advanced copy of a documentary that looks at the "wilderness years" of Doctor Who. The program shows the span of time between Who's cancellation and the lead up to its 2005 re-launch and contains some interesting details about the early planning stages and the attempt to sell Who overseas.

Different ideas that never made it to screen included bringing back Tom Baker, hiring Judi Dench as the first female Doctor and Davies penning a science fiction version of A Tale of Two Cities.


The one that most interested me as a Canadian and a 9th Doctor fan was that the CBC toyed with the idea of dubbing Chris Eccleston's devastatingly attractive Northern accent with some Canadian hoser. I assume that the CBC was worried that Eccleston's accent would be difficult to understand for a country that literally has the queen on their money. Or perhaps that Canadians wouldn't want to watch a British star — despite the fact that most white, middle-class Canadians are the biggest anglophiles I know.

Whatever the reason, Russell T. Davies put his foot down and didn't allow it.

And the rest is unconventionally handsome, big-eared history.

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