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Oh come the fuck on

There's an anti-flu vaccine person on my Facebook. It's too early for this.

First, she posted this article, which basically says the flu shot doesn't work and can kill us because MERCURY, along with this commentary:

I've got mixed feelings about whether I really need the flu shot. I worry that the one year I don't get it, a major pandemic will erupt; yet, at the back of my mind, I also worry that it's a way to eliminate half the population should anything go wrong with it. Who knows what to believe anymore. The government tells you one thing and independent sources and credible doctors tell you another.


Then a couple of people commented, which is in the screenshot. The woman who posted the status is the black bar.

Seriously? Give me proof about ANY of this, not just some blog from some random who claims all these studies were done without any data to back it up. I'm sick of this shit. It undermines and puts at risk people like me who can't get the flu shot because of an autoimmune disease.

*Sigh. Good morning GT.

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