Why do you hate me so? You were developing such a nice faded quality from your original dark denim childhood. You were showing the care I was giving you... So much that I repaired you using the finest Pinterest suggestions for thigh rub.

Even after your repair was showing to be inadequate, I held fast. You were mine and my ass was comfortable in you. I would continue to wear you. In fact, sometimes I would LONG for you. My emotions torn apart by ill fitting skinny jeans or my middle section longing for your soft stable waist band. Never too tight except perhaps those first few minutes after being dried.

Oh, how I long for you now. I would save you for special times, knowing how repeated wearing would only fray you faster. You would hold onto my ass for only a day before relaxing and turning baggy once more. But oh how that first day felt!

I look at you now, lovely comfy jeans, and wonder what I am to do with you. Should I repair again, only to have continued shredding of your original material? Or shall I cast you away?

Perhaps we will have one more day together for you have made me feel as beautiful as I wish to believe I do. Let me absorb this power you have, comfy jeans. Let me be able to make every pair of pants I have into "comfy pants" that I feel strong, attractive and powerful in.