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Oh, conspiracy theories...

Ever heard the one about the Denver Airport?

Today, my friend posted this gem on Facebook that was written over a year ago about some half-baked conspiracy about the "real reason" the Denver Airport was built...


I then Googled over to here where I found a hilarious email thread between a conspiracy theorist and a PR officer from the airport.

Google then lead me to this Gizmodo article from two years ago about some of the weird artwork at the airport; this article then lead me to this ::WOMP WOMP:: Skeptic Project article from 2009 debunking in great detail every single aspect of this grand conspiracy of world domination by the New World Order!


ETA: Upon further reflection, the email exchange between Steve Snyder, the Denver Airport PR guy, and the conspiracy theorist is the best part!


Especially this part:

Forgive me for assuming you grasped the obvious. The Free Mason symbol is on the capstone because they constructed the capstone. And interestingly enough "DZIT DIT GAII" translated means: "Free Press International-bringing you the real world news." Who knew!


Steve Snyder
Public Affairs Office
Denver International Airport

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