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Oh, crap! Golden Goddess (Freya) is so pathetic-looking!

I took her to the vet because she was scratching herself too much and I found black stuff in her ear. The vet said that it was not fleas or ear-mites and gave me some meds for her but in the process of cleaning out her ears, they stunned the nerve to her eye and the nictitating membrane does not completely retract and her balance is affected - this is supposed to clear up within a week. The poor kitty staggers a bit when she walks. I have meds to pill her with and some ear drops and a return visit for next week. Of course she hates the pilling and the ear drops; I have a 'soft' cone to put on her after putting in the ear drops so she does not scratch her ears.

I have to start working through what kinds of foods she can eat; this happened to my previous cat who had allergic responses to sea food so that is where I will start.


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