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Where did the story of the judge who gave a 15-30 day sentence to a rapist take place? Billings, Montana. My hometown. Even worse, the teacher taught at Billings Senior High, my high school.

I didn't read the previous two Gawker articles on the story because a person can only take so much disgusting news. My guess was that it happened in Oklaholma or some South or pseudo-Southern state. And I was right.

I think I'll write a longer post since this is the second sexual assault/inappropriate relationship at that SAME HIGH SCHOOL that's been in the news over the past year (the incidents happened over the past decade or so).


This is the Facebook status of a friend that made me actually read the news (names redacted, the second name is the adopted father):

Judge Baugh presided over *****'s adoption. We repeatedly heard (from both him and his staff) that adoptions are his favorite part of being a judge, because they're such happy events. He said to ********, "That's a sweet little boy you're holding in your lap. I need to be sure that you understand that one day that boy will be a teenager. Are you prepared for that?" He also suggested that we do something every year to celebrate adoption day. That was on October 21, 2009. We had a party then, and every year since. I won't even begin to try to defend Baugh's recent actions- he really made a mess. I'm just so sad that it's turned out this way. And no matter what happens, I've got a reserve of gratitude for Judge Baugh that none of this tragedy can touch.


After that was a comment by someone who was seen by the judge for a DUI and got the strictest sentence. They said that the judge played a part in their current sobriety.

And yeah. The judge did use the term "beat-up rape" to differentiate this case from others.

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