I have had an appointment scheduled to see the neurologist since July. My appointment is the 27th, but I was on a cancellation list. The office called me last night to say that they had a cancellation today, and would I like to come in? OMG YES I WOULD, PLZ.

I was really excited because this is what we're waiting for when it comes to driving! Everyone will defer to the neuro! I think I forgot what the appointment was for. I was just thinking it was a follow up with my new meds and all of that.

LOL NO. It's also to go over test results. I'm going to be diagnosed with new shit, though how much new shit, I don't know. I know of one diagnosis I'm going to have for sure, and that doesn't mean anything other than confirmation that my vagus nerve misfires. This was previously known. Because I faint all the time.

I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. But if the test results call for more tests, I'm not going to be allowed to go back. If the test results show I do in fact have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome...I don't know that I'll be allowed to drive. (I'm not expecting that diagnosis.)


But if this appointment just says "yeah, you have neruocardiogenic syncope, like you've known for five years (with a side of small fiber myopathy)," I'm not sure how to deal with the frustration.

On the plus side, nerves have sent my BP up to "normal," so that's good?