Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

You seemed very kind. Like a well-meaning man. When you asked if you could work next to me, I gave you bonus points for being polite. But then you started asking me questions. I like people. I am very good at conversations, even if I've never met you. It was pretty easy for me to anticipate what youmwould say after I told you I'm a student though. You said "good for you!" and got this proud look in your eyes. Annnnnnnd, cue me mentally checking out.

After that I pretty much just nodded to whatever he said, or kept my answers short. I wish people like that guy, who could be a very nice man, would stop that. It's not that crazy that I'm a student. I wish that when I told strangers normal things about my life they wouldn't act like I said I just cured cancer or recently became a CEO. THAT would be something to get excited about! But no, because of my wheelchair any remotely normal thing I do is seen as me "overcoming barriers". I am just a fucking 21 year old woman.


I left soon after that conversation because he spoiled my mood. I'm so tired of that shit.

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