Today, in the two minutes it took me to reverse out of a tiny parallel parking space that, please note, I'd managed to get into just fine on my own, not one, but two dudes stopped - in their cars in the middle of the road, blocking traffic- to try to "help" me as I did. Both got more or less huffy when I waved them along because duh they were just being soooo polite. I'm sure they totally stop whenever they see another dude leaving a parking space. It took everything I had to not roll down my window and point out to the second guy that the only reason I wasn't pulling out is that he was actually blocking my way. At no time did I ever touch another car or look like I needed help.

Other than, of course, the presence of my vagina having being its own bat signal for obviously needing car help.

Thanks guys! Sorry I emasculated you by not needing help to begin with and then was a super bitch by motioning to you I didn't need it! Next time I'll just drop my pants and appropriately make you feel good both about knowing so much about cars and for being so chivalrous!