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Welcome To The Bitchery

Facebook once again confirms that people suck.

One of my Facebook friends posted a status that was so inhumane I actually thought it was satirical at first. It read: "This makes me SO angry. I walked by two homeless dudes and their dogs. A guy walks by and hands his burger to the dog. The homeless guy reaches down and took the burger from the dog. So I go and buy both the dogs some food and take it over. The freaking homeless dude says: 'nah man. He gets like three meals a day! I'm not worried about him. I'm the one who's hungry!' Screw you man. That's why I bought the dog food. So it would go to the dog."

But he is not kidding at all. Then of course the comments were even worse, insinuating the homeless man was lazy, etc etc.


I just...wow people. Most homeless people have untreated mental illness* and I guarantee that guy is telling the truth and his dog gets more food than he does. :(

*ETA furrywoodlandcreatures linked to an article that states about 30-40% of the permanent homeless population have severe mental illness, so that's less than most. Still, it's a significant part of the problem, and those who do not have mental illnesses still have struggles we as housed people with good jobs and support groups can't fully understand - like the difficulty of getting an apartment with no income or recent rental history, and the difficulty of getting a job with no ability to shower or make yourself otherwise presentable.

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