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Oh, Facebook, you bring out my pessimism.

This is just a rant about a few Facebook friends, feel free to skip this nonsense.

Friend 1: An ex of mine, who chats with me on occasion. I have come to realize he hasn't changed at all in the last 13 years. Which is to say, he's approaching 40 and lives and acts as if he's just out of high school. Not in a 'woo! party!' kind of way, he's just never taken the initiative to become an adult. He's been in the same industry since we were together, but bounces around from job to job, never keeping one long enough for career advancement. He lives with roommates in shitty apartments, sleeping on a mattress on the floor. He acts obnoxiously superior to pretty much everyone. He recently told me that the next girl he considers dating will have to really 'wow' him. Like, dude? What exactly are you bringing to the table that deserves a wow-worthy woman? I can only talk to him for a few minutes at a time before I want to scream (or caps-lock, whatever): THIS IS WHY YOU CAN'T KEEP A GIRLFRIEND!


Friend 2: Actually one of my dearest friends, but sometimes can be not-so-bright. She just recently asked me if I vaccinate my kids, because she's been doing some reading and is a little worried for her daughter. I gave her a spiel and some links (she cited propylene glycol as a worry, I linked her to the Wikipedia page) and told her to do real research, not just reading scare sites. I hope she realizes how important they are. I hope she trusts my opinion on this stuff, we're both into a lot of alternative/natural things, but if ever there was a place for modern medicine, this is it.

Friends 3&4: Two friends who I haven't actually seen in quite a while, different schools and post-school lives, no big deal. But now they're both in with a particular MLM thing and about half of each of their respective posts are about it. I hate that so hard! I'm not a salesperson and I have a hard time wrapping my mind around deliberately taking advantage of people. How do their IRL friends deal with it? I would probably avoid them just so I'm not a target.

My one positive thing recently is my half brother. He's almost 11 years younger than me so we're not super close. His Facebook presence makes me pretty damn glad he's my brother. That part of my family is super religious, to the point of ignoring reason and science. My brother is religious, but he's incredibly smart, funny, and all around pretty awesome. Despite being of the generation where 'that's gay' is a common saying, and having a lot of friends who use it, he recently posted a status telling them off. That's just a recent thing that popped into my head, he's said other anti-discrimination things as well. I wish we were closer, but I'm glad for his voice in this world.

End word vomit. You may return to your regularly scheduled GT.

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