... Parents excusing their predator sons and their predatory bullshit behavior. FUCK. THAT. SHIT. No I don’t care that he’s your son. No little sisters DO NOT seduce their older brothers.

Also, no, it’s not just happening in ultra conservative religious communities (though fuck those people). Sibling incest is alarmingly common. It’s like older brothers start out with their little sisters. Practice! Then move on to others. Seriously though. And because victims have the sick luck of having their abuser be direct relatives, the family response is typically completely fucked up. I always tell my mom I “lucked out”.... She hates that I say that. I just use dark humor to cope with the ridiculousness of it all.

Please excuse my offensive tone.

Can I swear in a headline?

P.s. Thanks to everyone who participated in the selfie thread Saturday night!! GT is beautiful no awesome and the best and that is all. :-)


Feel free to post swearing diatribes against sexual predators in the comments.