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OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE! (old roommate troubles)

So I sent out and re-sent out emails trying to confirm the results of our epic fight. No one replies for 6 days. My one roommate sends out an email about whether or not I'm going to pay their electric deposit due to an error I made (I said I was going to transfer the account from my name to theirs, but when I went to do that there wasn't an option on the site or phone menu so I closed it. Now they have to pay a deposit). They reply within 8 hours. I say yes I'll pay it if it is made crystal clear that I'm getting all my money back when they move out. Nobody replies.

5 days later I'm getting a request for the money, which is due tomorrow.

For real guys? For fucking real??


ETA: I got the guarantee from the person in charge of the account now. Just paid them. Hating myself right now.

ETA part 2: So turns out they didn't need a deposit after all and the money was returned to me. My heart! She hurts!

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