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Oh Geez You Guys!

So as you all know I've been working on my MOH speech for my sisters wedding. I've actually gotten a nice chunk of it done and am pretty pleased with it (especially after getting so many compliments on it here). Well, now the Best Man just sent me his speech (I had to approve it, my sister and her fiance were worried about dirty jokes and such) and it IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MINE!


Here is what I have so far (sorry for the re-post for those who have read it):

My name is Bottom, for those of you who don’t know me and I am {Brides} Maid of Honor and sister. So I didn't meet her at a dive bar while she was dancing on a table with asparagus up her nose and a drink in her hand, I met her when she was born. I didn't go to sorority rushes with her and help her do keg stands, we watched the Little Mermaid and The Sound of Music on laser disc in the living room. So the stories I have of her are pretty tame, maybe even boring compared to stories the bridesmaids probably have.

We liked to read a lot growing up and at one point we spent an entire day organizing all of our books into a makeshift library. For the rest of the week we even “checked out” books from it. It’s a little nerdy sounding I know, but it was pretty awesome. We would play video games for hours. We even had a system for playing single player games together- I would have the controller and would do “the work” and {Bride} would be my navigator. She would tell me where to go and remind me to do certain things, because I was always panicky and all over the place. She was the Sailor Mercury to my Sailor Moon. We obviously also watched a lot of tv and movies.

We were team, all the time. We did everything together and were always there for each other. We were Harry Potter and Ron Weasely, C3PO and R2D2, Merry and Pippin and maybe even a little bit of Thor and Loki when we disagreed. We were a pretty epic duo.But for a while now I have been usurped. Once {Bride} met {Groom}, our Hollywood level dynamic just couldn’t compare. I remember seeing them together years ago and just knowing that he was the perfect guy for her.

(Need to add more)

Here is his awesome speech!:

Id like to start off by saying how nervous I am about making this speech, for those of you who don't know me I'm {Grooms} best friend, we've known each other since 5th grade and even when moved to Houston permanently with his girlfriend which is now his wife, our friendship still survived so here I am my name is {Best Man}. I still remember when he called me telling me how he met a girl when he was visiting in Houston next thing I know he's telling me he's moving to Houston permanently and even though I tried to talk him out of it, not because I didn't like {Bride} but because I didn't want to loose my best friend, but I was and I am still happy for him and to this day moving out here with this beautiful young lady was the best decision he could've made and him sitting next to her tonight proves it. When {Groom} called me and asked me to be his best man I calmly said "yeah sure man" like it was no big deal but I was truly honored that he would pick me and I promised I wouldn't mess it up so ,I'm gonna try to keep this short and sweet so Ill go straight to the words of wisdom for these newly weds,

For {Groom}, we've known each other since we were eleven years old and in all that time I've learned that you have a good honest heart and you wouldn't let a friend down much less the woman you love, just keep being yourself and don't ever change because obviously she said yes for a reason and its not your face.

For {Bride}, I want to start by saying thank you for taking good care of him and being good to him all these years, i'm pretty sure you of all people know how bad {Groom} is with expressing his feelings, but I want you to know that he loves you and he worships the ground you walk on, and it takes a good honest woman like you to appreciate that and not take advantage of it.

I wish you two the best and I hope that you will always see those rings on your hands as a testament of your love and as a promise to each other that it is now for better or for worse which {Groom} couldn't do any better than her and {Bride} couldn't do any worse than him (joke), thank you.


Now I'm all grumpy. I need to jazz my speech up like, hard core. As far as I know we're the only two speeches of the night so I have to at least have a speech as good as his! This speech is stressing me out.

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