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So Mr Kay Kay has a sibling here at the moment, with the other arriving later. They are both lovely, that isn't the problem. The problem is that I am *desperate* for the loo, and have been having stomach aches all morning, so would like a little fucking privacy. In our apartment that isn't possible (small) and every time I wander in to subtely close the door to that room, within ten seconds it's open again as they wander in between the different rooms.

I asked Mr Kay Kay to go out with lovely sibling and buy the booze. The plan was to do all the shopping together, but it's the only excuse I can think of to get them out. That was ten minutes ago, and they are still idly chatting away, playing some game.


I couldn't be any more obvious that I wanted them out the flat for a while. It irritates me even more considering that Mr Kay Kay is very insistent that I give him privacy in the mornings on the weekdays so he can relax before work. Which I absolutely do.


So why is it so hard to recognise that I might need some fucking privacy as well?

My sense of good humour is now out of the window. In a moment I might have to go and snap at him "GO AND GET THE FUCKING WINE" which would most certainly not give a good impression but I'm at my wits end.

I miss my previous apartment. It was bigger. With more bathrooms.

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