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Oh god I feel so uncomfortable and I don't know what to do.

So things were left, I thought, in an incredibly bad way with my boyfriend. He was acting like a dick and I literally didn't speak to him for 36 hours leading up to him leaving. We didn't even look at one another when I dropped him off at the airport.

He's called multiple times and I've ignored each call. I got a new phone today but I haven't let anyone know of my new number. And yet, he's all over my Facebook (god, let me count the ways I fucking HATE Facebook, for this very reason)—changing his profile photo to one taken while he was here, saying he wants me to fly out with my son, talking about how it's so hard to be away from loved ones but great to have them, yadda yadda...

He's either certifiable or pathologically manipulative or...I don't even know what.


I just want to get through the next two days of work. But, in my mind, I'm already trying to move on. I'm trying to grasp onto a sense of freedom and not focus on any lost love or anything like that. I feel like he's trying to manipulate me into feeling guilty and not leave him or something. I really hate this kind of shit :-(

I do know I have to talk to him. But I don't want to talk to him on the phone because he worms into my brain. And I know I am going to get the lecture about how stuff this serious needs to be discussed voice to voice.

I feel like I am in such a weird place you guys. It's a really bizarre feeling.

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