Original post on Making. But I am desperate to chit chat about inane colors and rainbows. And nobody really keeps up with the sub, sub blogs >_<

Full disclosure- I currently own two giant, crocheted rainbow blankets. I made them, because rainbows are awesome. So Awesome. Boy Heathen makes fun of my color choosing process for blankets. Usually, crochet blankets/afghans are insta rainbow, because the patterns just seem to work out with mega color changes (knit blankets tend to be cabled in my world, and I just think a singular, solid color shows off the cables better)

I’m so, so close to finishing my “Volcano Chevy” which is nuts huge, and made in manly colors especially for the BoyHeathen (it’s also hella snuggly for being RedHeart- dudes, their formula is cray better than is was even two years ago) I’m almost done with the orange stripe, just a pale grey stripe and finishing corners to go!

I have now been a knitter for just over a year. I have gotten good at cables, figured out most lace, can increase and decrease and even Kitchener. I feel the faint tug of crochet welling up in my guts. I have been eyeballing the Bavarian Square/ Wooleater for a little while now... and feel like it should be a rainbow explosion. Two shades each of seven colors, probably using the Herrschners worsted 8 for the broad range of colors and enormous yardage. I’ve used thios acrylic before, and it’s not bad, if a bit knotty. It’s thinner than what I would necessarily classify as a worsted- more a heavy sport? But I like that I could use it to make a voluminous Dither scarf and still have mad yarn left for Bavarian-ing. I mean 14 balls of this would be like 6500 yards of yarn for less than 50 dollars! I’m so; so poor right now but can feel the desire for rainbowing up my house rising....rising. I just wish it weren’t the approximate temperature of hell in ATL currently :(


I have been thinking about maybe doing some rainbow art for the house somewhere, like a rainbow herringbone wall deco in the bathroom or attempting one of those rainbow melty canvasses. I just don’t know. I feel like maybe I have pinterest overload.