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Oh goody

I seem to have developed another new migraine precursor. Fun.

Woke up yesterday with some serious, uh, gastric distress. I couldn't for th life of me figure it out because I hadn't eaten anything different from Lord or Little and they were fine. I was getting worried it might be a bug of some sort. I was relieved when it started feeling much better around 3and figured I must have just upset my system. Until an hour later when the shrieking pain exploded all along the right side of my skull. Ugh.

It's not unusual for nausea to precede or accompany my migraines, but this is the first time it's struck lower in my digestive tract and I'm not thrilled. They weren't painful and inconvenient enough already? I just hope this doesn't become a regular thing.


On the upside, yesterday finally convinced me to go back to a doctor to talk about this. I really hate going to the doctor and I had some terrible experiences the first time I tried to get my migraines treated. This time I'm arming myself with all the knowledge I can ahead of time, including a journal of attacks, their precursors, and suspected triggers. I will also be recording all doctor visits both for clarity and because I'm not letting another doctor make me feel crazy.

Wish me luck?

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