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Oh good, the media finally sees their role in electing Trump in 2016.

Or not.

A commentator on MSNBC was just saying how horrible it is that all this attention is going to the Trump drama du jour instead of the THREE POOR DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES WHO RELEASED POLICIES THIS WEEK. Then of course he had an epiphany and realized that Hillary was fighting against not just that (and the media’s overfocus on Trump’s drama du jour) but the unending coverage of her emails.

Oh wait, he didn’t make that connection. Probably he is thinking that Hillary wasn’t inspirational, didn’t go to Wisconsin enough, didn’t have a message, no one knew why she was running except she thought it was her turn, enthusiasm gap, shrill, blah blah blah.


I just read the Jez article about a little three year old girl being told she had to choose whether her mother or father would stay in the US and the other would be deported to Mexico. They made a little 3 year old girl choose which parent got deported. (doctors intervened and both stayed - but just fork that, man).

Biden and Bernie need to go away. Half the other white dudes too.

This was a mish mash of reactions to political shit.  Share yours.

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