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Oh goody...another OKC date...

I just can't get excited about these any more.

This one seems nice. I don't know why he messaged me, since he doesn't like cats, thinks smoking is disgusting, and identifies as a Christian who believes in the power of prayer. I'm pretty upfront in my profile that I'm an atheist with two cats who smokes. But, he answered all my dealbreaker questions right, he's pro-choice, believes that everyone has the right to marry and adopt kids, doesn't think creationism should be taught in schools, and he's the first guy I've seen lately that has a problem with racist jokes. And he looks super hot in his pics.

I'm taking a chance on this one, since I have had piss poor luck with guys who are supposed to be a great match (90%+). This one is 81% match, but only 4% enemy.


Wish me luck.

ETA: It didn't go horribly! He actually seems like a nice guy, and cute to boot. Let's see if I ever hear from this one again...

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