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Oh, GT :(

It’s been a sad morning. My youngest wanted to dress up for school, since they’re doing a little memorial thing for the boy in his class who died. Unfortunately, that meant he missed the bus. There were tears over that, and then I tried to distract him by asking him if I could have a piece of gum (I was barely awake and it was the first thing I thought of) and he said, “Sure, Mom.” He handed me the piece of gum, and then his lip quivered and he said, “I would give [friend] a piece of gum, but he’s dead, and he can’t chew it.” More tears. :( It’s going to be a hell of a rough day for these kids today.

The school has counselors and other things set up for the kids, including the memorial service in the auditorium, which I’m glad of. Tonight, we have plans to go out for a big dinner (it’s my birthday), and he’ll get to hang out with a couple of his good friends whose parents are coming and bringing them. Hopefully, he won’t have too much time to brood. The wake is on Thursday evening, and he still wants to go, so we’ll take him. He’s asked H and O-H both to please come with us, so we’ll go en masse.


I never even met the kid who died and it’s tearing me up :( My poor little guy, having to deal with this at 10... You wish you could just wrap them up safe, so they never have to deal with these things, but things happen...

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