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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Oh, GT, I am really drunk. Also, who knows how to get rid of Fleas?

So...today was so bad I got tanked. I am tanked. So drunk right now, you guys. I spoke to my boyfriend, who hasn't called me in two weeks. And it's a nightmare, our relationship right now. But at least I finally found out why. He's been staying with his family, and he hasn't answered his phone in two weeks.

Turns out it's because his family is effing insane. This whole month apparently they have been yelling at him telling him he should dump me. That i'm a crazy feminist bitch. That I'm a gold digger (which is hilarious considering that I've supported my bf and I both for over three years). But apparently since he inherited a bit of money, like 10 grand, this past year, and since he paid most of the bills this past year, that makes me a fucking gold digger. Beautiful. Better yet, turns out his father is abusive. Like, I don't think he beats bf's mother, but everyone in the household is afraid of him.


This situation, you guys. I can't even. I don't even know where to start.

Oh, and I have fleas. The whole house is infested, because my little sister's boyfriend's cat has them, and she brought them home. Now the whole house is infested. Such a great day!

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