Oh, my. One of my former boyfriends is running for House of Delegates in my home state. And he's got a website with all this rhetoric about clearing out reps who represent corporate interests instead of the people... and then a subsequent paragraph about how the coal industry has been decimated and we need to support it. So, he wants to align himself with corporate interests? CONFUSED. (I know he's referring to keeping the coal industry strong to retain jobs in a state with high unemployment. But his writing is such that it's not explicit and it looks like he's just contradicting himself.)

He also has a cell phone photo of himself on his campaign site.

ETA: I feel like this is sort of a lame and judgmental post, so let me redeem it by telling you all about a style of cardigan I love. I don't have this exact cardigan - mine is gray and several years old - but it has the same closure... it's basically like wearing a blanket all day, but it makes you look like sort of a fashionable bag lady, like an Olsen.