So my 20th high school reunion was last night. And despite all the stupid voices in my head telling me I am fat and old and no one likes me and I should go eat worms, I put on a purty dress and put on ALL THE EYE MAKEUP and went and had a friggin' blast. Saw lots of awesome people, my husband was the super cute trophy husband that he should be, got to see one of my favorite English teachers from high school, and generally partied like I didn't care.

Something about seeing all of these people 20 years out- I totally give zero fucks what they think of me. The ones that like me drug my fat ass out on the dance floor (apparently I dropped it like it's hot too many times, because my right knee is cranky this morning), yelled across the room when they saw someone who had wanted to see me and then herded me over to them, and then everyone's spouses were SO CUTE all standing around looking awkward. I think I liked talking to people's spouses most of all- you find out what sort of person they married, plus they were definitely feeling more awkward than me, so like it was nice making someone feel a little less awkward.


Also, DAMN YOU JACK AND COKE. Why are you so delicious? Thank god for Waffle House because we hit up one on the way home at 1 in the morning like people who go out to party. I have not done that in AGES. MMMM HASHBROWNS. I am not quite like THIS thanks to the carby goodness of WH. Still, try to keep it down, please.