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Oh hai! Perfume update!

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A while ago I asked for some ideas about a new perfume (need new smells) and boy did y'all provide!


I started by ordering a perfume sampler from Sephora (get it here). Many thanks to people who suggested that - I had no idea they existed and they're GREAT. I've tried 6 so far:

1) Burberry Brit Sheer - started out OK but then became sharp and unpleasant.

2) Daisy Marc Jacobs - lovely, light, floral. I liked it a lot but it faded fairly quickly.


3) Elizabeth and James Nirvana For Her White - SURPRISE WINNER SO FAR. Soft, feminine, slightly floral, lasted a long time, and I loved how the notes changed as it wore.

4) Chloe - Okay. Don't love it. Can't really verbalize why, but it's only "meh".

5) Viva La Juicy Juicy Couture - very pleasant but also, I felt, kind of juvenile for me. I wouldn't mind if someone around me was wearing this, though, it's very pretty.


6) Alien Thierry Mugler - RUN. RUN FAR, RUN FAST. This was sooooo vile. Sharp, acrid, strong, almost made me sick to my stomach. I'm not exaggerating. This was so awful I used every single cleanser in my damn bathroom trying to get it off. Nothing worked until I slathered coconut oil on me and that did the trick.

Still have several left and I'm having a lot of fun! Thanks again for all the input.

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