First, to get this out: You absolute fucking monster. You inhuman piece of garbage. Fuck you, fuck everything you are, fuck everything you stand for, fuck your stupid hair, fuck your bullshit tan, fuck your red tie. Eat shit, get the fuck out of office and go play with guns unsafely.

Now that that's out of the way...nope, I've got nothing but fucking rage. Fuck Rick Perry. Fuck him and his bullshit version of a hateful god. Fuck him and his taxpayer-funded mansion while he wants to push more women, especially minority women, into poverty as he and his friends head up for some hijinks at Niggerhead.

Fuck you, Rick. Fuck you for making Wendy Davis' single mother and teenage motherhood a stupid fucking applause line while you actively try to create more single mothers while doing everything in your power to punish them for their choices. Fuck you for the deaths that your monstrous SB5 would inevitably cause. Fuck you for everything that you are, and one more time, go fuck yourself.

ETA: Rick Perry's office can be reached at 512-463-2000 (Thanks RaleighRider!). Say hello.