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Please email goga_1st_amendment@nps.gov to comment on the permit and urge them not to grant it. They will be making a decision soon.


Okay, these fucks are coming to my home. In San Francisco. In case it seems somewhat harmless, here is one of the speakers:



Until yesterday they were branding this as a “Peace, Unity, and Freedom Rally.”

It looks like it’s just a “Freedom Rally” now.

Motherfuckers. San Francisco has had some disgusting racist policies in its day that it still needs to reckon with, but planning an event like this here shows how emboldened they’ve become. They’ve also become pretty good at hiding their agenda.

Check out all the comments that say things like, “How can we be fascist, we have a trans speaker!”

ETA: I forgot the page for the counter protest! I also encourage you to report the event page to Facebook.



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