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Oh, hello feeling, you are weird

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I'm finding it very difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that in two weeks, I won't be going back for another year of college. I won't be going back to my apartment. I won't be drinking and people-watching on my balcony. I won't see all of my friends in one location again. I won't be up to crazy shenanigans with my roommates. I won't be walking around my lovely campus. I won't be going to all of my favorite food places and cute boutiques in the downtown area of my campus. I won't be hitting up my favorite bars. I won't be stressing over exams. I won't be hating on my professors. And so on and so forth. I won't EVER be a student at my undergraduate university again. And as time goes on, my university is going to change more and more (there's always construction and renovations going on, so it's bound to happen). Every time I visit, it'll feel like home, but it'll also feel almost foreign and like a distant memory.



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