Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have been missing from groupthink for FAR TOO LONG. Graduate school/practicum has eaten me alive for a good chunk of the year, and I've done my best to stay away from all sorts of internet-mediated goodness that easily turns into a bev-blackhole.

But I'm back. At least for now. And I am reaching out for the collective genius of GT.

I am in the process of completely re-starting my thesis (not a long story behind that, but a boring one, so I'm skipping it for now). My new topic is only a germinating seedling: mental health professionals' perceptions of sex workers. The idea is borne out of having done therapy with two sex workers over the past year and getting a fair bit of commentary from both clients and supervisors re: my tendency to treat their job "like any other job" (i.e., not shame my clients or attempt to dissuade them from their chosen line of work; in both cases they had opted in voluntarily and were very pleased with their decision).

I am interested in other therapists' experiences with sex workers (or, in lieu of actual experiences, their impressions about sex work in general). That's as far as I've gotten with the idea. I've read a few interesting studies looking at undergraduates' perceptions of sex work, and feel that this topic is especially prudent given the status of sex work legislation in Canada right now (essentially it's up in the air; presently it is not illegal for people to exchange sex for money, but there are laws in place that make it complicated to actually make this exchange - the government has just less than a year to re-write laws).

So wise ones. What questions would you ask if you were doing this study? If you're a researcher, what methodology would you use? I have some ideas but am curious to know what wiser minds than mine might be inclined to do. (I am leaning towards qualitative because I prefer small/in-depth to large/more superficial, but I'm open to changing my mind).

Thank you in advance for your input. Ideally I'll have something more interesting to talk about in the future now that I have time to engage in more internet fun. ;)

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