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Oh hey, let's talk about Mah Newbs.

For those of you not in the know, that's a delightfully clever mashup of New Boobs. Props to BumbleBeaver for coming up with it. NEWBS. It's fun to say. It's like n00bs but for tits!

Anyways, let's chat about mine.

Won't that be fun? I think so.

So it's now been 3 months since I had reduction surgery. It's been quite the ride, let me tell you. First, we have the mystery rash that's been there since surgery and just refuses to go away, though resorting to cortisone cream seems to be helping some. Then we have just the general residual aches and pains.


What's been strangest, honestly, has been the total mental disconnect. I know, theoretically, that they're much smaller, and that I am much happier with them. But getting my brain to fully believe that has been really really hard. They've evened out to about a 34D, which isn't bad. I was hoping for a C, but I also plan to lose some weight so they may get a tad smaller. I think it's just the "Ugh I went through all of that and I'm still a D cup?!" that has been running through my head. It's gotten to the point where I had a dream the other night that I had the surgery AGAIN. Totally bizarre. I think that part of this is because I don't have any photos of myself from before the surgery really that actually show how big they were. I have photos where I did my best to minimize them, but I tended to delete anything that wasn't 'flattering' in a fit of pique constantly.

Fortunately, I am allowed to wear bras some now (real bras!), though I only do it about once or twice a week, and I feel much better when I put an actual bra on. Currently I'm wearing a 36C Pink bra and it's awesome! The lady in Victoria's Secret was super helpful when I went in to get some pretty new things during the semi-annual sale - when I told her that I'd had the surgery and when she was all "Well, your actual size is going to be more of a 34D but I'm going to have you try on some 36Cs in these styles so that the band doesn't dig into your scars while they're still healing." It was so great! She also totally understood that I didn't want to spend a TON of money on new bras (hence sale shopping and leaning towards the Pink bras that were like $14.99) since I don't know how the shape will continue to change over the course of the year.

I honestly love how slim my torso looks now though - at least if you ignore the excess fat around my belly/hip area! It just looks... way more proportional. It's given me the motivation I need to start losing some of the weight that I gained last year (ugh, I yo-yo'd so much it's not even funny, having surgery didn't help most of all) and in a healthy way. I can't just stop eating and lose ten pounds in a week because that's likely to fuck up my results. But I can start watching what I eat by focusing on eating less processed crap and more fruits/veggies!

But fuck, that dream really messed with me. I was getting better about not just seeing the old me in the mirror, and that's all been shot to hell. Hopefully I'll get back there soon though.


So far, mostly so good!

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