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Oh, hey, look! Yet more dog issues!

So there are new tenants in my apartment complex who have a huge German Shepherd that appears to be extremely aggressive.

We’ve now encountered it twice — we weren’t too close either time, thank god, but both times it reacted violently and viciously the second it saw my dogs, lunging and snarling, and both times the person walking it seemed to be having a lot of difficulty holding it back. So I’m freaked, and the dogs are freaked, and argh.

I’m going to call my apartment manager in the morning and tell her this is a serious problem — there are a lot of dogs in the building, many of them are small, and having a vicious, poorly controlled giant dog in this environment means there’s way too high a chance one of them is going to end up seriously hurt, if not dead.


But of course this is an excellent way to piss off the new neighbors — the Shepherd has been so instantaneously vicious both times that I can’t imagine it hasn’t had similar encounters with other dogs in the building, but since it’s happened twice with mine there’s a decent chance they’ll know I’m the one who complained. And obviously I don’t want to put them in a position where they feel they have to dump the dog.

Blech. I think all I can do is let the manager know it’s a problem that will have to be addressed, pass on the name and contact info of the behaviorist who worked with Buster and Sophie, and hope for the best.

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