Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So this past week, I've had the joy of having to hang out with my ex again, after asking that we stop trying to be friends because it wasn't healthy for me. But he had serious surgery and I can't turn down someone that needs help, so I've been being nurse.

I need to preface this by saying that he has huge class and status issues, even though we both grew up pretty poor, and he always made me feel shitty for shopping at thrift stores (yes, even when part of the reason I was shopping there is because I was financially supporting both of us for years! He was a catch! I'm not still bitter!).


Any way, it has almost all been worth it because this past week we had this conversation:

Me: I found a pair of Louboutin flats at the thrift store for a dollar, I'm so excited (note: this is true. I really did! they need a little cleaning but they're adorable)


Him: Louis Vuitton

Me: No, they were Louboutins

Him: (slowly) Louis Vuittons

Me: (thinking he misheard) No. They were Louboutins.

Him: That's not how you pronounce it. It's Louis Vuittons.

Me: .............................................................. no. It's a designer. You know the ones with the red bottoms?


Him: Oh those.

SERIOUSLY? Is there anything better than when someone that has looked down on you for something and is treating you like you're stupid is actually being insanely stupid themselves?


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