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Oh honey, no.

So we have a few temps in our office right now, and they’re all kind of competing for a couple of permanent full time spots that we have on the team. The one who has been the most vocal about wanting a full time position has most likely dramaticized her way out of the job.

The workload right now is picking up a bit, which is why the temps are here and have been for a couple of months now. And when the workload is big, it’s fairly common for minor mistakes to happen. Well today, my boss accidentally sent her a job to work on that was a little ahead of her skill set. Instead of sending her a quick, “Hey, you gave this to me but I can’t do it so it’s probably just in error”, she got up from her desk to walk back to my boss’s desk to tell her about it. My boss went home early, so I got the pleasure of dealing with it.


I told her it was probably a mistake and that it’s NBD, but she wasn’t having it. She started going on and on about how she started trying to work on it ON HER OWN, despite not knowing what the hell she’s doing. Then she started talking about how she got so far into it that the managers are going to think she’s stupid. And then something about not being able to leave on time and needing to stay late to clean up her mistake.. I think I repeated about 10 times to just IM my boss and tell her she’s was assigned this thing but shouldn’t have been, and just let it go.

Eventually she relents and goes back to her desk. I IM my boss a heads up about what happened and tell her to just go ahead and send it to me to deescalate the situation. She just needed the temp to move the thing from “In Process” back to “Assigned” so she could send it to me.


So I’m fully expecting my boss to tell me the temp IMed her, but she never does. So then I go to her desk and she’s already gone home. She left it up to another temp to IM my boss to ask if they magically have enough clearance to work on this thing they’ve never been trained on. And she left it in process. So I just go ahead and work on the file and close it out, credited to the temp.

How in the world does she think she’s going to get a job here full time if this is how she reacts to things that are a little puzzling at most?

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