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Sorry for posting twice in one day, but I am obviously drunk with power and really need to get this out: GOD WHY DOES EVERYONE I KNOW THINK IT'S OK TO INVITE THEMSELVES TO OUR HOUSE especially after that whole business with UHG?

[Phone rings. It's a person who calls herself my friend in spite of the fact that we are not close in any appreciable way.]


Her: Hey. What's this [venue in my town]?
Me: It's a venue.
Her: Ok, because [band she loves] is playing there just before my birthday and I thought I might visit.
Me: Oh! Well, you know...
Her: [Cuts me off] I know you had a rough time with [UHG], but the difference is that I'd only be staying for a week - I need to take some vacation and I thought it would be nice to see you.

NOPE NOPE NOPE. You didn't "think it would be nice to see me." You thought "I want to see this band and get free room and board and rides to/from the airport."

All together now: NOPE NOPE NOPE.

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