Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Attention people following the adventures of BumbleBeaver and UHG! Bumblebeaver put up another update and thus I've updated the spreadsheet. To me, the most hilarifying (best portmanteau word ever, btw) thing is the accusation that BB is a bad hostess because she wasn't spending enough quality time with UHG. Honestly, given what UHG has been up to so far, I don't know what they would doing together besides looking for "WTF are Doing to Your Marriage?" seminars or shopping for lube and condoms. But if they do go out together, GTers are Tom Hiddleston in this mash-up gif.


Speaking of WTF, there promising (i.e. ridiculous) new developments on the "hits on MrBeaver front" since UHG is now touching MrBeaver on the back while calling him "Mr[lastname] probably in her sexiest "I'm a Doctor, so I know anatomy" voice.


The other pool post was getting so cluttered, I started a new one. We have two new categories (and I rearranged them a bit). Mcstabbypants suggested #13: "All MEB/ all the time" (basically UHG is fired and thus her time at "work" is time spent doing MEB). MrDisconnected suggested #15 (previously #14): "UHG tries to stay longer than month" (needs more quality time with BB, no doubt).

I ruled out the "NannySquatter" scenario suggested by several because BB took the precaution of checking the law on that and she's in the clear.

Name#1 Steals food#2 Pukes#3: Kicked OUT#4 Dirty Laundry#5 Emotional Dump#6 Quit & Hit#7 Mrs. MEB#8: Blames BB#9 WTF did she break this time?#10 Kid competition#11 Hits on/inappropriate with Mr.Beaver 10/11#12 internship was a ruse#13:All MEB, all the time (FIRED)#14: not really an MD#15: Tries to stay longer#16: Greener Pastures w/weeds#17:Push Pass#18Can't Buy You Money
Jo. Stocktonnilnilnil1-Octnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
KlewlessnilnilnilSuggested categorynilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
ordinary love29-Sep30-Sep13-OctORDINARY LOVE3-OctFriday, 10/4 early hoursnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
Know'm sayin'?30-Sepgoes the distancenilnil1-Octnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
NomNom83by 3 October3-Octby 3 Octoberby 3 Octoberby 3 OctoberNOM NOM83nilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
Notorious GIGI30-Sep8-Octgoes the distancenext laundry dateneverlast week5-Octafter QSE goes homeherself—when drunknilnilnilnilnilnilnil
HoneyHeartnilnil16 October- 18 Octobernilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
How_I_Think_It_Happened1 October at 7:30am10-Oct11-Octnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
MrDisconnected9/30/2014 by 9:00am10/4/2014 by by midnight-5:00 AM9/30/2014 at Noon-6:00 PM nilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
boobiechick9/30/149/30/2014 or neverSOON10/1/149/30/149/30/14nilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
EisenBolan, SJWmorningnightnightmorningmightnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
SunshineDay-lost-her-burner 9/29/1410/4/14 or 10/5/14goes the distancehappened already!10/3/1410/10/14nilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
mcstabbypants nilnil2 days before the endnil15-Oct14-Octnil2 days before endtoaster/washing machinenilXnilnilnilnil
OmarGone2-Octnil14-18 October or neverwho can keep up w/this crazy?after she leaveslast week of visitnilTV Family Trophy10/4-10/5Bitch better notnilnilnilnilnilnil25-Oct
BelleFemme BelleFemme —10/6/2014late 10/12, early 10/1210/12 when puke is foundnilnilnilnil10/12 when kicked OUTnil8-OctBELLE FEMMEnilnilnilnilnilnil
CajunGingernilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilCAJUN GINGERnilnilnilnilnilnil
Remedios VaronilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilShowernilnilXnilXnilnilnil
Shiny Red Robotnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
Drsnugglewumpsnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil& claims Mr. Bumble couldn't resistnilnilnilnilnilnil
evillittleteapotnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil13 October—escalates touching & blames BBnilnilnilnil
KristinbytesnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilT-giving Wkdnil
suhhhhnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil24 b4 leavingnilnil


Ordinarylove— #4: dirty laundry

NomNom83—#6: Quit It & Hit It

BelleFemme & CajunGinger —#11 Hits on/inappropriate with Mr.Beaver

BelleFemme— #1 Steals food

Remedios Varos— #12: Internship was a ruse

BelleFemme— #10: kid competition

You can still join the pool, but it helps for you to include dates by which you think these things will happen, particularly if you are suggesting a new category. Also, if you have long, multiply layered or complicated scenarios, try submitting them in the Oh Honey No fanfic contest.


BTW, crazy work day, so there will be a delay in replies/updates.

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