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Oh Honey No: The Groupthink Guide to Etiquette

Inspired by UHG (and oh, what a muse she is!), I am wondering if it is not high time for us to put together our own Groupthink etiquette book together.

I'm thinking we could put together a REAL etiquette book - not one that wasn't basically a set of arbitrary guidelines for rich white people to berate each other based on what it says, but a nice, friendly, class conscious, intersectional etiquette book. One that actually deals with things like how to make excuses to friends when you're poor, what are the right terms and pronouns to use for different groups of people, or how do know when you're appropriating or when wearing blackface is okay (I picture just one chapter with the title "When is Blackface Okay" and then just one word "Never" on the page); how to politely (or impolitely, as required) deal with inappropriate questions about your weight or fertility or choice/non choice of romantic partners. Like old timey etiquette guides, maybe it could also include letter templates for communication - things like ending friendships - BumbleBeaver's excellent cease and desist letter to UHG was the inspiration for all of this, but there has been a wealth of well turned phrases for numerous problems over the years on GT that should be saved!


I mean... none of us are perfect, but between us all together I think we would have a pretty good range of experience and backgrounds and general non-assholeness to put together!!

If nothing else, can we all just take a moment to appreciate the amazing mock up of our cover that BumbleBeaver somehow threw together in a seemingly impossibly short time? (see chapter 3 of Oh Honey No: correctly citing your gifs and images)

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