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Oh, I wish I hadn't done that

I tagged my ex in a group photo (I'm in it too) from almost a year ago. And um, it's from the night we met.

Not sure why I did it. I mean, there are some subconscious emotional reasons but also non-reasons. I had literally no work to do today so I've been uploading photos, tagging people, and other brain cell killing activities.


My ex and I have been emailing (platonically, mind you) for a while now. I've recently come to terms with being depressed and he's been depressed for several years; he's been very supportive and helpful. Hopefully he won't analyze the tag.

But nonetheless, ugh, I wish the internet didn't make it so easy to do stupid things. Should I tell him I was just being brainless on FB? Or should I just not mention it at all? Mentioning it makes a bigger deal, right?


Anyone else have some FB faux pas they would like to share?

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