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You know how it is. You try to be strong, you try to be thrifty, you try to remain impassive in the face of shameless appeals to your vanity and love of PRETTY THINGS OMG I WANT I WANT I WANT. And then The Fates throw something right in your face that you cannot, simply cannot, resist.

Such is the story of my relationship with the Ipsy Glam Bag. I'm a confessed makeup whore and am easily lured by adorable packaging, lovely colors, and well-aimed marketing campaigns. While not an overwhelmingly girly-girl, I do enjoy indulging my inner Barbie by playing with makeup and - like, duh - spending too much money on gorgeous cosmetics. So of course I fell for the Ipsy subscription concept.


And it was fun! Seriously, ridiculously fun. I loved getting the little pink package in the mail every month. I loved the adorable zipper bags that the goodies come in, a different one each month. And I loved the OOOOH FUN PRETTY makeups in those adorable zipper bags. But enough is enough, I said. After a little over a year, it's time to cancel the ol' subscription and save a couple of bucks a month. Because, after all, I really really really don't need any more of this.

AND THEN THEY DO THIS. They send me the absolutely most perfect and wonderful Glam Bag of all time. OF ALL TIME, I TELL YOU. Every single thing is awesome for me. So now how can I possibly quit them?

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