Well this is out and out frustrating for many reasons.

Firstly, this man is clearly a fucking piece of shit and needs to be hit by a ten ton truck as soon as possible.

However, even if some people vehemently disagree with much of the shit that many UKIP members spew they will still vote for them.

Why is this?

The issue of EU membership is very divisive in the UK at the moment. Now, this is not going to be a post on the pro's and cons of membership. However, I would urge people to consider that there ARE logical, reasonable arguments on both sides. On the side of leaving the EU this is often overrun by "FUCK OFF POLISH PEOPLE" and the like, which is clearly bat shit mental, but aside from this, there are also genuine and non insane reasons that people would want to leave the EU, just as there are the reverse. It's worth pointing out here that the UK is not the only EU member with anti membership sentiments stewing, but it is true that we tend to be the most vocal about it. It's also worth pointing out that some of the most pro EU members tend to....gently ignore core parts of membership which are politically inconvenient for them.


Currently, UKIP is the only "major" political party with a clear cut stance on EU membership. In fact, it started off as a one issue party. So if people have strong feelings about not wanting to continue EU membership, then this is really the only party which encompasses that view.

Which is disastrous.

Many people who dislike the wider policies of UKIP still vote for them as a means of protest against the mainstream political parties who refuse to engage on a real, practical level about the pro's and cons of membership. Whilst what people need is an objective conversation about what could change, what couldn't change, what would be gained versus what would be lost, instead we have a debate in which people on both sides parrot their party lines, and dismiss the other side of the argument completely. This leads to inevitable frustration for everyone involved and furthers the divide. No one side is more guilty than the other in this.


It was the worrying rise of UKIP popularity which sparked the Conservatives promise of a referendum on EU membership should they win an outright majority at the next general election. For some, this was seen as an attempt by the Conservatives to give people an alternative choice to the insane ravings of UKIP, by offering a compromise. But for some people it wasn't quite enough.

What the UK really needs at the moment - even as an short term interim measure to prevent full on disaster in the polls - is for a new one issue party to be established. A one issue party purely based on UK EU membership,, without any of the hideous anti gay, anti women, anti everything bile that UKIP is famous for spewing. This would give people the option of a "protest vote", but without the dark undertones (or not so undertones since they don't have much shame over it) of UKIP. Even if you are vehemently pro EU, surely it can't be bad to give others a voting option which is less disgusting than UKIP.


In the longer term, what we really need is to establish an open, objective and honest dialogue about the present and about the future. People can only make up their minds once they have the full picture to consider, which includes what they would lose compared to what they would gain. What would change dramatically compared to what would stay the same.

And please for the love of god don't vote UKIP.