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Oh, Lifetime

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While dealing with procrastination via old Lifetime movies, I discovered this set of conflicting information about classic film Someone to Love Me. It stars Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame; Jessica Bowman of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman fame; and Scott Foley of my dirty, dirty sex fantasies.


The synopsis given on IMDB is: "Cayley is still recovering from her father's sudden death when she begins attending a new school. Lonely and depressed, she has sex on the first and only date with classmate Ian Hall. After Ian gives her the cold shoulder, she succumbs to his friend's advances. Soon the school is abuzz with rumors about Cayley. With help from a guidance counselor, Cayley begins to change her behavior, but one night Ian approaches her expecting sex. When she rejects him, he rapes her. Now, Cayley's reputation is a roadblock to proving Ian's guilt."

And the review given is: "This movie is just awesome and shows one how to control yourself sexually.The performance by Jessica bowman and Linda carter are well beyond words.......And,i suggest this is a kinda movie which every college student must watch and learn a lesson from it that sex is not everything in life,its just a part of your true love life and brings with itself big responsibility.
Such movies must be made often and shown on TV to make college goers realise what life is all about and what place sex has in it. So,at end being a college student i learnt a lesson from it and hope many like me will do the same.... Worth to watch!!"


I was happy to see a commenter on Youtube write: "i'm disgusted to see that women are saying stuff against this girl, she should be able to sleep with who ever she wants, its not up to anyone to say that she can or can't.this man was a coward he had to rape a girl to feel like a big man how would any of you feel if it was that this happened to." I suppose that's a little better.

What is the lesson of the film? I am so confused. I guess I need to watch it, but I don't want Scott Foley to rape anyone.

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