Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Stooooooopid allergies. Every change of season it's the same. First, the allergy meds just don't seem to be working as well for a couple of weeks. No sinus pressure, but headaches. Then, for about a week, the feeling of drainage down the back of my throat. Decongestants help a bit, but not much. And then, today, halfway through the second service, I have no voice. Enough to talk (sort of) but not enough to sing. I was exhausted by the time I got home, and dozed off on the sofa while watching True Blood. Woke up enough to go upstairs and lie down in bed and slept for FOUR HOURS. So, clearly, I'm working on an infection of some kind, yay. Woke up with no voice at all, and the coughing. Oh, the coughing.

How many times to I need to explain to the doctors that my singing voice is my livelihood, and every time I get laryngitis I damage it? Sometimes it takes me months to get back my range. And if it happened to go into bronchitis my breath is lower than it should be for ages. I'm already on claritin twice a day, as well as flonase twice a day. There has got to be something better or additional that I can take to prevent this from happening all the flipping time.


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